Contact Lenses

contact lensesContact lenses today are comfortable, convenient and safe as long as they are looked after carefully and used responsibly. Contact lenses now come in comfortable, breathable materials and the range of prescription is extending all the time. If you have been told in the past that your prescription is not suitable, check with us – you may be pleasantly surprised.


We are experienced in fitting all types of contact lenses including specialist lenses for conditions such as high astigmatism and keratoconus. We are able to supply daily, monthly, toric (for astigmatism), multifocal and gas permeable contact lenses.


Our Contact Lens pricing policy

At Newsom & Davies Opticians our policy is to try to keep our contact lens prices competitive and to charge separately for our contact lens professional service. We realise that contact lenses can be bought on the internet but they come without any eye care or contact lens care. We aim to offer a very high standard of care and expertise to our contact lens patients.

Most of our contact lens patients pay their professional fees by direct debit and can then choose either to pay for their contact lenses by direct debit also or to buy them from us as needed. We can arrange for postal delivery of many of our contact lenses at no extra charge (subject to a minimum order).

As we believe that contact lenses and contact lens aftercare are best provided by the same supplier our policy is not to provide contact lens care for contact lenses supplied elsewhere.



All our professional fees are covered by our Lensplan. Contact lens wearers need an annual check on their lenses and on the health of their eyes in order to renew their contact lens prescription. If you have problems with your contact lenses you need to be seen promptly. Our Lensplan covers all our professional fees for the care of your eyes including an annual full eye examination and any additional contact lens checks that you might need in between.

Paid by monthly direct debit our Lensplan covers all your contact lens care as well as giving you valuable discounts on contact lenses and glasses.

Lensplan – £9.25 per month*

  • Routine contact lens appointments
  • Priority emergency appointments
  • An annual full Contact Lens Aftercare. This includes an eye examination with advanced digital retinal scanning
  • Discounted contact lens prices.
  • 1/3 off complete new spectacles including frames and lenses
  • Low cost contact lens solutions
  • 10% discount on sunglasses, eye care products and accessories.

  *If you wear contact lenses infrequently then our Lensplan might not be suitable for you. Please ask for further information.


Students and young people

Daily Disposable contact lenses are perfect for busy lives. By wearing new lenses every time you always insert fresh, sterile lenses into your eyes and wearing once only means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning and storage. Because daily disposable lenses are particularly suitable for students and young people we offer our Student Lensplan and Children’s Lensplan at a reduced rate.

Student Lensplan (19 – 25 years) – £6.25 per month plus discounted cost of Daily Disposable lenses.

Children’s Lensplan ( up to 18 years) – £3.25 per month plus discounted cost of Daily Disposable lenses.


Our Contact Lens prices


Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

These single-use lenses are worn once and then thrown away. This means that a sterile lens is used at every wear, reducing the risk of eye infections. They are ideal for people who want to wear contact lenses for some of the time, maybe for social wear and sport and for busy people who don’t want to spend time cleaning their contact lenses. We can arrange postal delivery of daily lenses at no extra charge (subject to a minimum order).

Daily Contact Lens  prices

30 pairs of Daily Contact Lenses – from £21.00 plus Lensplan.

30 Pairs Daily high O2 Daily Contact Lenses – from £28.60 plus Lensplan.

30 pairs Daily Contact Lenses for astigmatism – from £37.00 plus Lensplan.

30 pairs Daily multifocal Contact Lenses – from £40.60 plus Lensplan.


Frequent Replacement Contact lenses

These lenses are designed to last for up to one month when they are replaced with a fresh pair. They are removed at night and cleaned carefully before re-use. Frequent replacement lenses are available in most prescriptions and are a cost-effective option if you want to wear contact lenses for most of the time.

We can arrange postal delivery of many brands of contact lenses and cleaning fluids at no extra charge.

Monthly Contact Lens prices

Monthly contact lenses – from £16.05 per month including Lensplan.

High O2 Contact Lenses – from £18.18 per month including Lensplan.

Contact lenses for astigmatism – from £22.05 per month including Lensplan.

Multifocal Contact lenses – from £32.65 per month including Lensplan.


Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Gas permeable lenses are small, rigid contact lenses made of a special material which lets oxygen pass through to the front of the eye.

We have a great deal of experience in fitting these lenses which are often the best option for high-powered prescriptions.

They take a little more getting used to than soft contact lenses at first but quickly become very comfortable.

Gas Permeable lenses are custom made to exact measurements so several visits might be required to get them just right – all included in our fitting fee for new lenses.

Ongoing aftercare will covered by your Lensplan payments.

Gas permeable lenses including fitting – £166.00 – £366.00.

Lensplan prices for replacement gas permeable lenses- £53.00 – £138.00 per lens.

Customised Gas permeable lenses are individually priced.


New to Contact Lenses?

If you have never tried contact lenses our Contact Lens trial will give you a full experience of contact lens wear before making the decision to go ahead with them.

For your initial visit we usually book two appointments, spaced a few hours apart. Having first examined your eyes, we discuss with you what you want from contact lenses and advise you on the various options available.

We will aim to have some contact lenses ready for you to try which should give you a good idea of the vision that you can expect. You will be encouraged to go off in them for a short while. We advise you not to drive during this initial trial but to otherwise just enjoy the experience of seeing well without glasses.

In most cases our contact lens trial includes trying them at home. Before you do so we will make sure that you are confident about handling them.

We will arrange another appointment usually after one or two weeks, to make sure the lenses are suitable. This is when you make the decision to go ahead with contact lens wear. We will arrange a direct debit to pay for your Lensplan and discuss with you the most convenient way for us to supply your contact lenses.

Contact Lens Trial – £36.00 plus an eye examination if your current spectacle prescription is over twelve months old.


Already wear contact lenses?

Book a Contact Lens Aftercare appointment so that we can check your contact lenses and the health of your eyes. This includes a full eye examination with advanced digital retinal scanning and a trial of alternative contact lenses if required. We can then advise you on the various options available to you.

Contact Lens Aftercare – £78.00 (£63.00 age 25 and under) including advanced digital retinal scanning.