We use the best quality lenses based on advanced design and the latest technology. Not only are lenses getting thinner and lighter but clever design means that they are giving even better vision. Our lenses can be individually made to give optimum performance and appearance.

Thin lenses

High-index lenses are made from materials that allow glasses lenses to be made ultra thin and ultra light-weight by bending light more efficiently. High-index lenses are thinner and lighter. They look good and are more comfortable to wear especially if you have a high power prescription.

Lens coatings

Hi-tech lens coatings are anti-reflection and anti-glare to enhance your vision. They are also water repellent and now so scratch resistant that some even come with an unconditional two-year warranty against scratching.

Varifocal lenses

Not all varifocal lenses are the same!
Varilux® lenses from the inventors of varifocal lenses give natural vision at near, far and in-between. This has become even more important with modern technology. We used to need near vision glasses just for reading but now we might also need to see a desk top computer screen, a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone and a sat-nav, all requiring a different focus.

The new designs of varifocals are much easier to wear, giving distortion-free vision and requiring less adjustment for near. We can even tailor them to your individual measurements using iPad  technology to make a unique lens designed exactly for you. Our dispensing opticians will be happy to advise you on all the options available to give you the very best vision correction.

Newsom & Davies Opticians is a Varilux® Specialist Opticians.

Screens and digital devices

These are a major part of our lives. TV and tablets in the home, computers at work and smart phones for staying connected in between. Using different digital devices throughout the day can be challenging for your eyes and posture. Varilux Digitime relaxes your eyes and posture when using screens for long periods of time. Varilux Digitime is a mid-distance varifocal lens designed to be worn instead of your main varifocals when using different devices and screens.

Remember, all our varifocal lenses come with an adaption guarantee so you can try them with confidence.

Newsom & Davies Opticians is a Varilux® Specialist Opticians.

Sun protection

Our eyes need to be protected from damaging UV light. We always have a great choice of prescription sunglasses which can be made up with single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses, tailored to suit you.

Xperio Polarising lenses eliminate glare, enhance colour and contrast, whilst protecting the eyes. They’re ideal for driving, sports and other outdoor activities and for people with light sensitivity.

If you are sensitive to bright light or don’t want to switch between spectacles and sunglasses then photochromic lenses are ideal. Rapidly adapting to light condition changes, Transitions® lenses adapt from clear indoors to fully dark in the brightest sun whilst blocking 100% UVA/UVB light.